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Looking for a great way to expand your brand?

Custom apparel combined with online marketing is the best of both worlds. We live in a digital age, so your website will surely be your storefront. Make sure not to neglect offline marketing tactics, as customers always appreciate a tangible product to retain. Among enticing signage, and networking through trade shows and conventions, there is the a super effective method that still works like a charm – branded apparel.

Walking ads
Just like vehicle wraps, branded t-shirts are basically mobile ads, only in this case, on foot. They make your company a lot more visible, as you can have your loyal customers wear them anywhere, spreading the word about you wherever they go. People are generally enticed by t-shirts with messages, and curious about what they say. So, a person wearing one of yours is going to pique the interest of not only people that pass by but also their acquaintances and friends, who are very likely to want to know more.

Make sure that your design is consistent with your entire brand image. The coloring should fit your general brand theme, and the message needs to be told in your brand’s voice. That way the shirts will truly work as effective marketing assets.

Visual appeal
There is no denying that branded t-shirts have a significant visual appeal. It is pretty well-known that people are visual beings, and this is a fact that you need to take advantage of. So, if you provide your branded clothing to your customer base for free, and make your staff members wear them whenever they are in a position to market your company, you will certainly leave an impression. Not only will people notice and remember the design, but the human mind connects the words and the picture, which makes it a lot easier to remember. If you have a quality t-shirt with your professional logo and a message that resonates with your audience, it is bound to cause a reaction. So, come up with memorable clothing that will easily spread the message about you.

Conversation starters
One thing is almost for certain – if you wear a branded shirt in a place where you are likely to be amongst people who share similar interests and ideas and you, it is going to draw their attention and be a great conversation starter. People like creative clothing, and if there is a message on it, especially one that speaks about your brand, they will be curious to hear more about it.

This can spark a discussion and bring you not only new customers but also possible associates that you can work with in the future. If your shirt makes a statement that others can relate to, they will want to talk to you about it, and learn more about your vision, ideas, and generally your business. The same goes for dressing up your staff at a trade show or a convention. People who don’t know what you are all about are going to have questions.

Cost-effective branding
Finally, what’s really great about this way of marketing is that it doesn’t really cost much. Compared to some other marketing tactics, coming up with your own custom t-shirts can do wonders without the need for a big budget, as all you basically require are blank t-shirts that you are going to cover with a message, as well as your brand’s logo and/or some other elements. You can get this done at a low price, and then give them away at important events. Sometimes, even other local businesses will be glad to help and spread them around for you. The most important thing is a unique design that resonates with your audience and sparks interest in those who are still unaware of who you are and what you are all about.

Every marketing strategy needs to be a smart combination of online and offline efforts. One of the best and most cost-effective offline methods is having your own custom t-shirts that represent your brand and carry a message that will resonate with your customers and prospects, and spark their interest. You, and other people that wear your branded t-shirts, basically work as walking billboards with a great visual appeal and the perfect conversation starter.