Company History

BlueVision Printing and Graphics opened for business in 2004 as a 2nd generation printing company originally founded in 1963. Our founder, Robert Coffman, owned the original successful business named BFM Printing.  Our current owner is Penny Benedict, who reorganized the business in 2004.

The original BFM was located on West Alabama until 1980 at which time moved to West University behind Berings Hardware. BFM moved in 1999 and new owners were in business 5 years. At that time I organized the company and named it BlueVision Printing and Graphics. We were located in South Houston. 

Since that time, we have opened a storefront in 2016 in Rice Village to accommodate customers all over town a bit easier. 

At the time of opening in 2004, our focus was quality customer service. As the printing industry continued to go through many changes with inception of computer software and internet - we noted a lack of customer service in the industry overall.  We invite you to consider using our printing firm the next time your company needs printing. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate that for you on your next printing order. You see, we do things very differently than the other printers in our community, and we believe we can provide the best all-around experience for you if you'll give us a try.

If you would like to talk to one of our customer service representatives, please call 713-847-8474. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your business succeed and prosper.