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5 Best Print Marketing Materials

March 4, 2020

Printed marketing materials are essential in making a good impression. The best printed marketing pieces are well designed and use the same fonts, colors, and themes so they all work together.

Printed material may be the first interaction customers will have with your company. If your printed marketing materials are low quality, consumers will assume your products are too. Invest in quality print marketing materials and you will see a higher ROI from your marketing efforts.

Which Print Marketing & Sales Materials Should You Use?
Quality printed sales materials are tightly integrated with the success of your marketing efforts. Rather than bombarding a prospect with all your information at one time, break that information into different pieces that answer a prospect’s questions at various stages in the buying process.
From there, develop a sales funnel that provides more information as consumers get closer to purchasing or taking another action. Here are the 6 best print materials you should use to increase sales. (Read More)

1. Presentation Folders
Presenting your customers with a stack of papers is a good way to have your attempts at marketing thrown away quickly. Including pricing information, flyers, and contracts inside a custom presentation folder will ensure that documents stay together, are not damaged and are put in a safe place.
And these presentation folders' usages don't stop there. Beyond holding your own business information, customers can use these folders to hold other materials in the future, ensuring your brand has longevity in its messaging with customers.
Presentation folders can be handed out at trade shows or brought to conferences, face-to-face client meetings and they can be used within your organization for training materials folders or simply as office supplies to be used within your office space. Shared branded office supplies can help to increase your employees' familiarity with your brand and they also serve to boost morale since your customers and employees feel your brand is more established and universal.

2. Postcards/Rack Cards
Postcards are a low cost option with so much possibility on how you use them to market. Whether you hand them out at trade shows or offer them in rack holders on your office counters, they are a great tool to retain for potential customers. And of coarse, direct mail is a super effective option, especially now when alot of mail has dropped off. Direct mail still shows an incredibly high return when done 3 to 6 mailings and coupled with the right offer to clients. Direct mail in conjunction with digital ads would be super effective and complimentary together.

3. Company Brochures
Every business needs a brochure to let customers know about the goods and or services you provide. Brochures provide consumers with more detailed information about your company. Even if you're at a trade show and only have a few seconds to communicate with business owners or potential partners, a brochure can allow for you to have a much more in-depth conversation with them through print.
Brochures are also very effective as location-specific printed collateral. Whether you use them as park maps, guides to specific events or informational pamphlets in pet stores or gardens and nurseries, brochures provide an extremely convenient and highly efficient means of communicating the contextual information needed to allow your clients to feel informed and confident at each stage of their purchasing journey.

4. Catalogs
Although you can always point people to your website. A catalog is a chance to highlight your most profitable items. Catalogs have a higher retention rate than websites and customers tend to keep them for a long time to refer back to for information on products.
Some customers prefer catalogs than with using the internet. Providing them with a catalog will show that you're willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their personal media preferences while also providing a unique and powerful branding opportunity for conveying the purpose and offerings of your business to the world.

5. Product Data Sheets
Provide customers with a full-color sheet – on a product flyer – with detailed information about features, benefits and specifications of products and services your company provides. It will help the customer feel more informed and confident about making decisions.
Often times, small business owners find it difficult to convey the full story of their product and its pricing to potential customers in a concise way. Product data sheets help to guarantee they get the required information in an easy-to-follow, concise manner.
Product data sheets in print can also help to elaborate upon the exact product specifications and details that customers would gloss over if they were in digital format. Evidence about how people interact with printed materials vs. digital materials shows that customers are far more likely to remember all the ​information from printed materials than they would from digital alternatives that have nearly the exact same information on them. So, printing out product data sheets for your customers to take with them allows you to have an ongoing presence and voice in their lives.